Positive Chokes

The CORTEC model “PH” positive production choke offers the user a more economical design that is easy to maintain. The positive chokes are easily convertible to an adjustable choke.

The CORTEC positive choke offers a field proven design that is both economical and user friendly.


Features and Benefits

  • Field interchangeability with many other common H2 design components.
  • Field convertible from positive to adjustable by changing out the bonnet assembly or cap assembly.
  • Metal bonnet/cap seal is optional.

Positive Choke Valve

Positive Models
Model MaxOrifice Max PSICWP
PH1 1″ 10,000
PH2 2″ 15,000
PH1M 1″ 15,000
PH2M 2″ 15,000
PCH1M 1″ 15,000
These valves are interchangeable with Cameron® model “H2”
PC3M 3″ 10,000
PG8746 1″ 10,000
These valves are interchangeable with the Gray® Model “8746”
PPC 1″ 15,000
These valves are interchangeable with FMC® Models “JWA” and “PC”


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