The Standard in Non-Standard Valve Production

CORTEC is a design, manufacturing, sales and service organization specializing in flow control applications. We offer a line of equipment suited to a wide variety of uses, but excel in providing solutions to our customers’ specific project needs.CORTEC distinguishes our products between two globally established divisions; CORTEC Fluid Control (CFC) and CORTEC Manifold Systems (CMS). Read More CORTEC’s certifications and management practices stand up to the most rigorous industry standards and tests. We pride ourselves on being an API 6A and 16C licensed company as well as holding an ISO 9001 registration for Design, Manufacture, & Repair of our products. Read More

The CORTEC team possesses the experience and expertise to deliver a product built to your project requirements.

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CHOKES HEADED FOR KUWAIT: Here is a shipment of chokes bound for Kuwait to be used by Kuwait Oil Company. The order was for several dozen production choke models of varying sizes in both positive and adjustable configurations. Learn more about CORTEC’s products: > Read More

A ‘Valiant’ effort: “CORTEC worked with the Valiant project group to design a 6in orifice drilling choke as well as 3in and 4in orifice pressure relief valves that were capable of providing the control necessary to flow at desired conditions,” says Stephen Corte, vice president marketing and business development, CORTEC. > Read More