Cage and Sleeve Chokes

This high performance model “CC” Control Choke design offers the oilfield operator specific performance advantages over the conventional needle trim options.

Cage and Sleeve Choke

Features and Benefits

  • Pressure balanced trim offsets high actuation force and allows for high differential pressures.
  • Slotted sleeve provides smooth flow-to-lift transition that reduces noise.
  • Maintains low-pressure recovery characteristics to offset potential cavitation and flashing.
  • Seat and control sleeve sealing surfaces are not directly exposed to the high velocity flow.
  • Highly effective shut-off that meets the practical demands of oilfield applications.
  • Adapts to a wide range of inlet and outlet connections and dimensions.
  • Fitted with a heavy duty severe service metal bonnet seal ring. (excludes Model “CC1”)

This design offers ‘real-world’ advantages to noise reduction, reduced cavitation in liquid service, reduced icing in gas service, extended service in abrasive environments, and positive shut-off.

Cage and Sleeve Valve

Cage and Sleeve Models
Model MaxOrifice Max PSICWP
CC1/CC1M 1″ 20,000
CC1.5M 1.5″ 15,000
CC2M 2″ 15,000
CC3M 3″ 15,000
CC4M 4″ 10,000
CC5M 5″ 5000


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