Needle and Seat Chokes

CORTEC Model “NH” adjustable chokes provide oilfield customers a well-established design that has been in service worldwide for decades. It is based on the typical Cameron® H2 design and offers field interchangeability with common components.

The CORTEC needle and seat trim choke offers an economy of operation and versatile utility in a traditional design that is familiar to oilfield personnel.


Features and Benefits

  • Traditional angle body O-Ring bonnet.
  • Interchangeable parts with many other Cameron® H2 style chokes
  • Field convertible from adjustable to positive.
  • Robust metal bonnet seal is optional.
  • Optional “Spring Loaded Pressure Energized TFE” stem packing reduces operation torque, offers superior sealing characteristics, and is compatible with a wide range of chemicals associated with drilling and production.

Needle and Seat Chokes

Needle and Seat Models
Model MaxOrifice Max PSICWP
NH1 “1 10,000
NH2 2″ 15,000
NH1M 1″ 10,000
NH2M 2″ 15,000
NCH1M 1″ 15,000
These valves are interchangeable with Cameron® model “H2”
N3CM 3″ 10,000
 NC4M 4″ 10,000
NG8746 1″ 10,000
These valves are interchangeable with the Gray® Model “8746”
NJWA 1″ 15,000
These valves are interchangeable with FMC® Models “JWA” and “PC”


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