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CORTEC is setting industry standards with our field-adaptable production choke designs. We carry a full line of adjustable, positive and actuated chokes.

Cage and Sleeve Choke

Cage and Sleeve Choke

CORTEC’s extreme service drilling chokes are designed to offer the oilfield operator increased service life and cost savings in abrasive high-pressure applications. From operations such as frac flow back to Managed Pressure Drilling, CORTEC can offer a choke ideally suited for your operational needs.

CORTEC manufactures a full line of Compact Valves that offer end users a robust proven design substantially reducing the size and weight of manifold systems. Metal-seated ball valves, including subsea ball valves, trunnion ball valves and floating configurations are offered with a wide variety of material selections available. Whether you are designing a topsides production header or a subsea drilling riser, CORTEC can optimize a design based upon the needs of your system. CORTEC also manufactures a compact line of check valves and diverter valves.

The CORTEC pressure relief valve line offers our clients a superior level of performance and reliability designed within a compact, field-friendly package.

CORTEC can even supply a variety of flow line and piping accessories for many API or ANSI connection types in a full range of sizes, pressure classes and materials to suit and service any application.

The CORTEC team has experience in the design and manufacture of various types of Valve Manifold Packages. Packages can be offered around previously constructed designs or built to meet specific project requirements. CORTEC has designed and manufactured manifolds for Drilling, Production and Well Servicing applications.

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