Cortec Manifold Systems Supplies Compact Valves for ATPCheviot Project

LAFAYETTE, La. – CORTEC Manifold Systems has entered into contract with Bluewater Industries to supply Compact Ball & Check Valves for ATP Oil & Gas Corporation’s Cheviot Project. Bluewater Industries is supplying project management and fabrication services for the hull, topsides and moorings.

CORTEC will supply approximately 120 Compact Valves Assemblies to be used in the Cheviot Platform’s Production Manifold. These valves will be manufactured entirely from Super Duplex Stainless Steel materials and will be supplied with PED/CE Certification.

The Cheviot platform will utilize a unique Octabuoy hull design and will accommodate production facilities as well as a drilling/work-over rig. Cheviot’s Octabuoy feature will provide enhanced motion characteristics over other floating structures. Cheviot will be located in the Northern North Sea Block 2/10 and will operate at a water depth of 550 feet (167m).