CORTEC Manifold Systems Awarded Supply of Valves for Clipper Project

LAFAYETTE, La. – Bluewater Industries has awarded CORTEC MANIFOLD SYSTEMS (CMS) with the supply of compact ball valves for the ATP Oil and Gas Clipper Project, located in the Gulf of Mexico.

CMS will be supplying a range of 10,000 PSI valves from 1″ through 6″ nominal bore sizes, with both actuated and manually controlled models. This list of valves will include 6″ API 6AV1 PR1 Surface Safety Valves. These valves are from the world’s first compact valve line to achieve an API 6AV1 rating.

“CORTEC is pushing to extend the realm of the compact valve world,” said Bobby Corte Jr., President of CORTEC Fluid Control, “from our API 6A licensing to our newly acquired 6AV1 rating we are continuing to strive for a valve line that is revolutionizing the way compact valves are used in the oil and gas industry.”

This most recent development in the Clipper Project, by ATP, is located in Green Canyon Block 300 in the Gulf of Mexico. It is located in 3,450 feet of water and has logged 56 feet (17 meters) of net oil pay.