CORTEC Case Study

Technical expertise for the Oil & Gas market: CORTEC puts the ‘Standard in Non-Standard’!

Setting industry standards within the Oil & Gas market, CORTEC leads the way through the supply of the highest quality flow control products backed by superior service. Founded in 2004, CORTEC, LLC is comprised of two divisions: CORTEC Fluid Control and CORTEC Manifold Systems – both located in South Louisiana, USA having dedicated teams focusing on specific product offerings.

CORTEC Fluid Control, established in 2004, works in the upstream Oil & Gas market with products actively used in production, drilling and service operations globally. CORTEC Fluid Control has one of the most extensive lines of Chokes; both in production and drilling, in the world.

CORTEC Manifold Systems, founded in 2006 was created as a new division to focus specifically on the high pressure Compact Ball Valve line. CORTEC Manifold Systems have established a dominant presence in the market place for the provision of high quality compact solutions tailored according to customer requirements and specifications.

A safety, service and quality minded organization, CORTEC is a privately owned, family run organization with internal expertise extending through 3 generations from the 1960’s to current day. Highly experienced within the marketplace, CORTEC has invested significantly in equipment, processes and specialist teams: driving quality control throughout application ensures all products are correctly coated resulting in high-end products being issued to their customers, adhering to their excellent service standards and reputation. Such investment and attention to detail is just one of the areas that sets CORTEC apart from their competitors, and indeed from most manufacturers.

Of the various products used in the Oil & Gas market, Whitford’s Xylan coatings are prominent within CORTEC’s offerings. High-performance, dry-film lubricants, Xylan coatings offer unique properties when compared to alternative fluoropolymer coatings, due to their specific design: properties aligned to meet particular requirements for surface treatment.


Superior coatings for a superior result

CORTEC has worked with Xylan coatings since 2010. Working in the demanding environment of Oil & Gas production and drilling, valve component parts endure harsh conditions. Applying Xylan coatings improves both the longevity and performance of valves, offering corrosion resistance and anti-galling protection. Xylan coatings provide the additional benefit of a smooth coated surface, low coefficient of friction aiding in the movement of mating components. This is of added value when considering maintenance, facilitating the speed and consequent turnaround times of valves.

Invested in the production and supply of quality parts, CORTEC chooses Xylan coatings as a high quality product. Significant investment has taken place within the CORTEC manufacturing facilities to ensure correct and complete coating application. These range from the incorporation of an oven with the specific aim of thermo cleaning valve components at 800°F to bake out any impurities, and a jacketed phosphate tank to maintain the cleanest possible phosphate solution as well as an even, constant temperature range.

Recognizing the importance of superior service, Larry Chauvin, President of CORTEC Manifold Systems details:

“Having a strong working relationship with our fluoropolymer coating supplier, Whitford, we continue to bring the most effective high-performing coated products to the Oil & Gas market place. Xylan coatings provide an excellent level of corrosion resistance; essential for our end customers. The reliability of Xylan coatings, their excellent performance properties and the exceptional technical service and customer support provided by Whitford make them our first choice coating provider.

Built on a belief that their coatings are designed to solve specific problems, and offering a service to develop appropriate coating solutions should they not already exist, Whitford as a partner fully supports and shares the belief we at CORTEC hold: we deliver solutions – we are not just an Oil & Gas manufacturing company. At CORTEC we are a solutions company.”

Founded in 2004, the CORTEC team holds a wealth of experience and a reputation for the provision of high quality equipment and customer service. A family run operation with a highly engaged and motivated management team, attention to detail and customer relationships are of paramount importance – adaptable service and focus coupled with a diligent work ethic to produce excellent results, CORTEC views every project they work on as a lasting supplier relationship – one which is to be maintained and grown.

CORTEC is a solutions provider – product innovation, customer service and the desire to succeed in all projects entered into, position them as the ‘go to’ company in the Oil & Gas market for quality flow control products – this dedication and commitment ensure they are a real-life and accurate representation of ‘Standard in Non-Standard’ manufacturing.